How I work

I enjoy working with different media and techniques; my love of colour, light, texture and form is apparent in all my work. I use sketchbooks out in the landscape to research ideas and capture fleeting impressions and moods which are later distilled into paintings, prints or ceramic pieces. The work gains a life of its own in the studio as the materials and techniques dictate the final outcome; the exploration, the ‘happy accident’ and the mistakes all contribute to the creative experience.


Some highlights

My career as an artist has included some interesting experiences. After a Fine Art degree at Hertfordshire University I gained post-graduate qualifications in print making and ceramics. I have won several awards including World Wildlife Fund, Artist Magazine, Artist & Illustrators Magazine and the Daily Telegraph. I have exhibited widely and have work in public and private collections in the UK and overseas. I worked with Andy Goldsworthy for the Time exhibition at the Barbican in 2000 and have appeared on TV’s Watercolour Challenge. Undertaking an artist residency in the Azores, running a painting holiday in India and taking part in a painting competition in Germany all provided new insights and visual experiences.

Closer to home, I helped a community project in South Oxhey to produce a ceramic mural and have created a tile panel for my local hospital. The painting holidays I lead in Dorset and Cornwall are inspired by my experiences and my enthusiasm for making art which is vibrant, colourful and exciting.